Energy efficiency is key to all our futures


Heat and Power Solutions works in partnership with others, particularly charitable and not for profit organisations. Our aim is to ensure that householders and building mangers understand that energy efficiency needs to be a number one priority despite our busy lives. It is all too easy to put energy efficiency to the back of our minds despite the environmental and financial implications of doing so


How we specialise


Heat and Power Solutions work closely with selected partners. Commercial, public sector and not-for-profit organisations use our services to train and develop staff in energy efficiency and fuel poverty. Our company understand the challenges of training staff and helping home owners in making energy efficiency their top priority in reducing fuel bills, saving carbon and keeping warm and healthy. We have access to funding that can be used to help organisations set energy efficient strategies and see it through


Our Ethics


Know-How                                                                                                   Enthusiasm

Years of experience in energy efficiency                                                  Both you and your customers

and fuel poverty means we offer a service                                              are central to what we do to

that is unrivalled and admired                                                                   ensure good quality outcomes


Progressive                                                                                                   Reliability


We work in a way to ensure                                                                        We become part of your team to 

projects are run efficiently and                                                                    ensure your customers receive the

cost effectively with fesh ideas                                                                    best service and quality possible